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David Schild

Building forts, climbing trees, and fishing, David had the classic rural Texas childhood. He was raised in Granbury, Texas, a small town outside of Fort Worth. At age 16, though, he was ready for change; he graduated early and left for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Through the seminary, he traveled in Southeast Asia three separate times and studied abroad at Universidad de Extremadura in Spain. His next step was graduate school. But then, Nathan Doran, then the Head of Marketing at KP Staffing, reached out to him. David joined KP Staffing as a recruiter, and is now the human resources director. He contributes his years of experience in staffing, as well as his global perspective, when writing resources for our blog.
Is now the best time to find a staffing partner?
By David Schild on May 12, 2020

When I first entered the staffing industry 4 years ago, industry leaders were leveraging technology with applicant databases. They’d market these databases as “proprietary,” as if they...

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