Costumes, Contests, and Community Outreach

KP Staffing had a busy month in October! Our focus was on costumes, contests, and community outreach for our employees and our local community.

With the holidays coming up, KP Staffing will continue to organize contests to ensure our employees feel recognized and valued.

Most companies reward tenure and loyalty over the years. However, our employees are only with us an average of 3 months on their way to a permanent position. This is why we are always seeking innovative and fun ways to show our employees we care.

Employee Contests

During the short time our employees are with us, we like to make sure their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. So we launched a series of contests! During the month of October, KP Staffing gave away televisions to those with perfect attendance.


Halloween Costumes

KP Staffing gave away gift cards for best costume to employees who dressed up for Halloween. We appreciate all of our employees who participated and dressed to impress. Below are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!


Community Outreach

We don't lose site of the importance of community. KP Staffing gave back  to our local community as a team last month. Several nights in October, our team got together to volunteer in soup kitchens across the metroplex. The smiles, the stories, and the connections we made are priceless to us.